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Thanks for visiting my website. It is a pleasure to communicate with you using a method quite different from what I do in my usual professional life as medical educator, practicing psychotherapist, speaker on a variety of behavioral health topics, and facilitator of skill building workshops and retreats.
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Marian R. Stuart, Ph.D, is Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine and Community Health at Rutgers—Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. "Retiring" after thirty years of teaching medical students, doctors in graduate training, faculty and practicing physicians the art of integrating mental and physical health practices, she continues as a consultant and lecturer as well as pursuing a private practice as a Licensed Psychologist in the Princeton area of New Jersey.

Senior author of The Fifteen Minute Hour: Therapeutic Talk in Primary Care (5th Edition, 2015), she is in great demand as a speaker on medical education, communications and stress management skills, successful aging, and the power of forgiveness. She has presented in a variety of formats in most areas of the United States as well as in the UK, Canada, Denmark and Israel. Both The Fifteen Minute Hour and Coping with the Stressed-Out People in Your Life, which she co-authored with Ronald G. Nathan, are available as Kindle publications. Listed in Who's Who in America, Dr. Stuart is the recipient of the 1997 Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Excellence in Education Award, and a charter member of the Stuart D. Cook, M.D. Master Educators Guild of UMDNJ. In 2002 the American Academy of Family Physicians made her an Honorary Member, an extraordinary achievement for a psychologist.

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If you're looking for information about my book The Fifteen Minute Hour, it has its own website at

The Fifteen Minute Hour: Therapeutic Talk in Primary Care 5th Edition

Published by Radcliffe Publishing Ltd.: The Fifth edition is completely updated with new references substantiating the efficacy of our methods. New material focuses on findings regarding brain plasticity, gene expression and the epigenetic effects of constructively managing stress while also demonstrating the power of positive affirmation, mindfulness and exercise on enhancing health. Click here for more information about the new edition.

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